Author Benjamin Dabrowski, famous for his Black Diamond thriller series, never intended living his protagonist’s dangerous life.  Yet after meeting the young Ryan Yeager, Dabrowski is forced to call on every skill he ever researched or wrote in order to stay alive.  Yeager, a young blogger with a tainted past, has embroiled the two in a perilous race to discover who is about to destroy the planet.

Two scientists have gained the massive resources to prove their theory; a sub-atomic particle field can be created in another dimension.  And the field can strip mass.  But it has a serious flaw – if begun it can swallow an entire planet.




If the fifty States took charge of their economies, their social issues and their energy policies, what would be the implications?


The Insatiable Cloud

( How Wall Street & Washington Broke Capitalism )


Wonder why our nation has gone into debt for TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars, yet our economy staggers to get off the mat? Where did all the Quantitative-Easing, debt-financed money go? I think we have a right to know as we've indentured our future, the future of our kids and the future of our kids' kids in order to pay it back.

The Insatiable Cloud explains in plain English

 (with a big dose of sarcasm) who has our money and what they've been doing with it. And why they aren't in jail!

And it's going to make you REAL mad.

Our money, our national wealth, is swirling a hundred-thousand feet above our heads in a new economy; a CLOUD economy, and is being used by WALL STREET as stakes for the biggest crap game in history.

Cross your fingers they don't roll snake eyes


State of Mine

The U.S. languishes within a deepening depression, brought on by reckless spending and the inevitable collapse of the dollar.  Yet one State creates an economic and social renaissance... all in defiance of Federal law.  This State decides that their only path out of the malaise is to


The State's success aligns it directly in the sights of a threatened Federal Government. An autocratic President Rivera is desperate to return the State to the Federal fold, else others follow.  His first step is to discover the inner workings, vulnerabilities  and secrets of the lone State's success and devise a path to its destruction.  He needs a spy. And the perfect candidate, Joshua Stillwater, is plucked from within the feared and despised Department of Domestic Disturbances (DDD).  Stillwater, threatened by his superiors, reluctantly agrees to betray his roots.  He returns to his native State from where he fled fifteen years before.  Unfinished business is waiting in the form of a powerful enemy, Charlie Warner.  And there is Charlie's daughter, Samantha to deal with.  Embers of old hatreds and unrequited love are soon fanned into flames.